Ekom Nkam Waterfalls

Ekom Nkam Falls are the most beautiful falls in Cameroon. They are characterized by 2 waterfalls, a male fed permanently whatever the season and a female only in the rainy season. For the record, it is on this site that were shot some scenes of the film Greystoke with Christophe Lambert.

At the level of the small monument painted in blue and pink with a star, on the highway that runs from Melong to Nkongsamba, the path takes to the left. Near a house, the track, poorly maintained, crosses the fields of coffee and corn grazing rare houses. The road of almost four kilometres allows only a very reduced speed. In extension of the valley (count 20 min to reach the site), the clearing on which the road leads, where the echoes of the waterfall reach. The entrance to the gorge is indicated by two poles. The trail continues between the walls that are narrowing and closing. On the large clearing, the sound of the waterfall. Steps have been arranged to go to the water. Slightly in the jungle, huge cheese makers with giant roots. Small iron footbridges were installed to pass the river bed.

The waterfall, which served as the setting for some scenes of the film Greystoke, with Christophe Lambert, is very impressive, especially at the end of the rainy season, where the flow of the river doubles. The Ekom Falls, located on the Nkam River (which serves as a natural boundary between the Littoral and Western provinces), fall from a height of 80 m, in the middle of a tropical forest, in the heart of a dense and lush vegetation. Access to the falls is quite easy, but you now have to go through the services of a guide. He will not fail to tell you that each year, to ward off bad luck, an animal is sacrificed, which makes it possible to significantly reduce the number of accidents at the site of the fall. Also, remember to protect yourself from hot ants and mosquitoes, very numerous; shorts and short sleeves are not recommended, unless you want to serve them as an aperitif. After the visit, a stop at the Millenium is strongly recommended to taste a good chicken prepared as at home.

To get there from Douala, take a bus to the village of Nkonsamba and then take a taxi (about 30 km). Next at the blue and pink monument with a star, located on the national road between Melong and Nkongsamba, you should take the path to the left. A few kilometres of walking (about 4 km) await you on a marked track through the forest. Avoid during the rainy season (between May and September) due to the condition of the runway and rising water levels. Some villagers take care of the guided tour and maintain the site. These impressive falls fall from a height of 80 meters, in the middle of the rainforest, in the heart of the lush vegetation. The water is muddy, brown, laden with silt, and flows almost at right angles into a bubbling and noisy torrent along the cliff. These waterfalls are given a magical power. The sawa people, the water people say, still practice traditional ceremonies. As a tribute to the ancestors, the ceremony is codified. Women have a place of choice: they remind men of their multiple roles: that of mothers, wives, and children… To be noted, the Ekom Falls served as the backdrop for the film Greystock on the legend of Tarzan with Christophe Lambert Before going there, do not forget to carry a mosquito repellent, which can be frequent.

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