Campo-Ma’an National Park

Located in the extreme south of Cameroon, along the border with Equatorial Guinea, and bordered to the west by the Atlantic Ocean, the Campo-Ma’an National Park and its peripheral area cover an area of about 700,000 hectares (264,064 ha for the park alone). It was established in 2000 in the wake of the Yaoundé Summit on the Protection of Central African Forests. It is home to many species of endangered animals such as the elephant, gorilla, mandrill or chimpanzee, as well as plants that are not found anywhere else.


The WWF project is actively working to identify the main attractions of the park and its peripheral area and to identify possible tourist routes. At the same time, the project provides support for the development of basic community infrastructure and the improvement of village reception capacity. Thus, ecotourism was developed in Ebodjé, based on the protection of marine turtles.

Mohombo Camp in Campo Beach

The Mohombo camp was also created: Located in Campo-Beach, 4kilometers from Campo, the Mohombo eco-tourist camp is housed in the Ntem estuary which serves as natural boundaries between Cameroon and Equatorial Guinea. The two eco-lodges and a hut that make up the camp were built in 2006 with the technical and financial assistance of WWF.

The eco-cases are managed by the local communities themselves through a GIC (Community Initiative Group). Part of the revenue generated is used for the operation of the camp and the other part is used to finance local development activities. Thanks to the revenues generated in 2007, the community was able to finance the construction of a water point in the village and contributed to the maintenance of the Campo-Beach – Campo road. This ecotourism initiative has helped to increase the interest of the people of Mohombo in ecotourism and nature conservation. It can accommodate 5,000 CFA francs at night.

Memve’ele Falls Community Ecotourism Site


Recently inaugurated, the ecotourism site of Memve’ele chites welcomes lovers of fauna and flora. The first step in an ambitious project aimed at immersing the visitor in this tropical forest, in harmony with the animals and the original inhabitants of the place. Motor canoes already allow to sail on the Ntem to admire the falls of Memve’ele. It is also the starting point for visits to the Campo-Ma’an Park. In addition, the site aims to help the conservation and enhancement of the ecosystem.


Two multifunctional platforms accommodate two hundred people. Events such as seminars, meetings and even weddings can be organised. Terraces with parasols will allow you to recharge at the edge of the river, observation platforms promoting observation. Drinking water is supplied by two boreholes and a water tower, while lighting is provided by 24 solar panels. A restaurant and a barbecue will allow visitors to eat. for accommodation, you have the choice between a room in a bungalow or a tent. It is also possible to sleep under the stars, in symbiosis with nature.

The rates: 1,000 to 1,500 CFA francs for breakfast, 3,500 francs for dinner, accommodation in room is 7,000 francs/night, in tent of 5,000 francs per night and per person. The excursions are at 5,000 francs per person.

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