Tata somba

Discover Tamberma valley in Togo

Situated at the foot of the Atakora mountain range in north-eastern Togo is the region of Kutammaku, home to the Batammariba, a people of ancient traditions. Kutammaku stretches all the way to Benin, where they are called the Somba. Kutammaku (the men who work the land) was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2004. […]

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The Bijagos Islands in Guinea Bissau, where women rule

This archipelago, declared a Biosphere Reserve, is composed of 88 islands, of which only 23 are inhabited. Some of the uninhabited islands are considered sacred to the Bijagos. Sailing through the natural paradise of the BijagosIslands, we discover an incredibly rich nature with breathtaking landscapes of spectacular deserted beaches changing with the […]

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iwol village

Senegal – Iwol village in the Bedik country

Located in the remote south-east of Senegal, in the vicinity of the green hills of Fouta Djalon and 20 km from Kédougou, you will find Iwol. It is one of the most beautiful and picturesque villages in all of Senegal. 

Iwol is home to the Bedik, an ethnic minority of Mandingo origin. She came from Mali and arrived in that region escaping a tribal war. Iwol with its 500 inhabitants could be considered the capital of the Bedik country. […]

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Benin: The Essentials

The city also offers a huge selection of regional and international restaurants. Its main attraction is perhaps the immense and picturesque large market of Dantokpa. You’ll find everything from blank tapes, food, X-rays to monkey testicles and voodoo love fetishes. […]

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bijago rite

Initiation rites of the Bijago people

For the Bijago people, the forest holds an important social place. This is where the initiation rites take place, and this throughout their lives. Bijago initiation, known to be violent, takes men and women through different stages of age and promotion. It gives men fatherhood and women maternity. […]

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