Congo Brazzaville

Congo is ultimately a vast, sprawling wilderness in the core of Africa, alongside the Equator.  Its forests have the second-highest density in the world after the Amazon.  

Congo Brazzaville has the highest concentration of Gorilla in the world, and a myriad of other big mammals – including Chimps, Elephants, Monkeys, and Buffalo, and an incredible array of avian life.

The people of Congo are also very diverse, ranging from the Pygmies of the forest, to the people of the coastal region in the south.
There are a countless number of reasons why the intrepid nature-lover should visit Congo Brazzaville.

Congo-Brazzaville has many natural resources which can be experienced, beginning with the majestic Congo River, whose name alone has made generations of adventurers dream. Moreover, the country can be visited in many places by canoe because of the dense network of streams.
Tired explorers can also relax or surf on the Atlantic coast, on the beaches near Pointe-Noire.




  • Observe the Western Lowland Gorilla in its natural habitat in Nouabalé Ndoki National Park and Ozala National Park
  • See the huge herds of African Forest Elephants in Nouabalé Ndoki National Park and Ozala National Park
  • Discover monkeys of various species (Colobus, Agile Mangabey, Allen’s Swamp MonkeyDe Brazza’s Monkey, and the Mantled Guereza)
  • Enjoy watching the common Chimps in Conkouati National Park



  • Cruise on the majestic Congo River in a powered canoe
  • See the Blue Lake and the Gorillas in the Lesio-Luna National Park
  • Visit the Stanley Pool
  • Take the Brazzaville City Tour, including stops at Poto-Poto Market, the tank cemetery, the basilica, the and the cataracts
  • Go on the Pointe Noire City Tour and visit the railway station, the cathedral, the Loango Museum, and the Diooso Gorge


Culture & traditions:

  • Visit the Loango Kingdom Scientific, Cultural and Historic Museum
  • Browse through the De Brazza Museum
  • See the ‘Sapeurs de la capitale’ phenomenom
  • Attend a senza class
  • Visit the Poto-Poto Art Painting School
  • Meet the Pygmies.


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