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We specialise in multi-country tours which enable you to experience the diversity of different lands and peoples. Our most popular tours include experiencing the incredible biodiversity of the Congo Basin forest, as well as vast desert spaces and pristine coastlines. We also create opportunities for cultural interactions with Western Cameroon tribes and the Pygmies of the African forest. Countries that you may wish to include in your tour may be: Benin, Togo, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Niger, Nigeria, DRC, Chad, Congo, Cameroon, Central Africa Republic, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Sao Tomé & Principé and Mali.


Africa in Miniature

The mix of abundant wildlife, spectacular topography, cultural diversity, and political stability make Cameroon the number one place to visit in sub-Saharan Africa.  It is rightly called ‘Africa…


Central Africa rep.

A benchmark niche of African ecotourism

A benchmark niche of African most successful ecotourism for conservation effort – Dzanga Sangha in keeping with the wildlife conservation model high standard…


Lovers of castles & fortresses

Lovers of castles & fortresses, Ghana is for you! If you are fond of culture, nature and history, you will love discovering the Kente fabric, the Ashanti Kingdom, and the Elephant, Leopard…

Ivory Coast

the luxuriant coast of the gulf of Guinea

Ivory Coast cultural potential, the relief, the wildlife and the historical buildings captivate even the most indifferent.

Between the luxuriant coast of the gulf of Guinea in the south and the…


The origin of voodoo

The origin of voodoo and a pivotal platform of the slave trade for nearly three centuries, enter into the ritual world of the Afro-Brazilian heritage of Ouidah…


the hilltop villages

Palm-lined beaches, hilltop villages, fishermen villages, great lakes, fortresses, the people of Batammariba, voodoo ceremonies…just few on your Togo highlights long list…

Congo Brazzaville

A vast, sprawling wilderness

Congo is ultimately a vast, sprawling wilderness in the core of Africa, alongside the Equator.  Its forests have the second-highest density in the world after the Amazon…


authentic traditional villages

In this mysterious and arid area of sub-Saharan Africa, go for a memorable camel ride and discover authentic traditional villages, where friendly hosts will welcome and guide you…


The Sahara Desert and River Niger

A land of contrast between the Sahara Desert and River Niger, be ready to discover vestiges of prehistoric Africa in engravings, paintings, stone mules, and dinosaur cemeteries…

Burkina Faso

Virtually untouched by mass tourism

Virtually untouched by mass tourism with rarely-visited natural assets, Burkina Faso has kept its authenticity undamaged…Burkina Faso is home to people of richly diverse cultural…


the Loango National Park

A naturally stunning and non-touristy destination where wildlife roams on the pristine beaches in the Loango National Park.

Gabon is unique among its equatorial African neighbours…

Equatorial Guinea

beautiful beaches and unspoilt wilderness areas

Equatorial Guinea is the world’s 6th least visited countries despite its natural resources, beautiful beaches absolutely empty, and pure nature in the wild….

Sao Tome & Principe

wonderful islands in the middle of the Atlantic

A journey across the off the beaten tracks in the middle of the Atlantic, where rainforest, birds & monkeys, underwater wonders, volcanic beaches and mountains and warm people awaits for you…



desert and millennium civilization

The far-out travel for desert and millennium civilization adventurers. Ndjamena is an unavoidable hub when you decide to visit Chad, a blocked-in country sprawled…

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