Angola is a former Portuguese colony in southwest Africa that has only emerged from the civil war since 2002. Dream beaches on the Atlantic coast, mountains and a vast plateau that covers most of the country, hide riches such as the Quiçama National Park.
Sites to visit include Quiçama National Park and Cameia National Park, which are ideal for wildlife viewing. There are also many natural sites such as the waterfalls of Kalendula or the Duke of Braguance, as well as the sea caves of Morro de luda.

Visa Requirements
Passengers are not allowed to enter. This does not apply to passengers with a work permit issued by Angola. This does not apply to passengers returning via Angola to their country of residence.
Malaria prophylaxis: malaria risk, mainly due to P. falciparum, exists throughout the year in the whole country. Recommended prevention: C.
Languages spoken
Currency used
AOA (Kwanza)
Area (km2)
1,246,700 km2


West to South of Africa Odyssey
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From Ivory Coast to Luanda - West to South of Africa


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