Palm tree lined beaches, hilltop and fishing villages, great lakes, fortresses, the people of Batammariba, and voodoo ceremonies are just a few on the long list of Togo’s highlights.
Despite the fact that it is the smallest country in terms of land surface in West Africa, Togo entices intrepid travellers fond of out of the way places. Though some popular cities like Lomé boast outstanding beaches and attract more visitors, it is not the same as venturing into the hinterland rural areas, where vibrant colourful markets, traditional festivals, a wide range of stunning landscapes, warm people, rustic habitats and a very wide range of cultures will keep you amazed.

Visa Requirements
Visa required.
Malaria prophylaxis: malaria risk, mainly due to P. falciparum, exists throughout the year in the whole country. Recommended prevention: C.
Languages spoken
Currency used
XOF (Franc CFA)
Area (km2)
56,785 km2


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Ghana, Togo, Benin - Western Africa


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