S e r v i c e s

What We Do

We take small groups into parks and coastlines to see wild animals, native flora, and also to meet local people, including the pygmie people of Central Africa. Access to remote areas can be challenging, so we have developed our aviation and nautical solutions. We provide chartered flights into remote inland areas, and offshore cruise excursions along the Gulf of Guinea.

Our Mission

We aim to take you out of the traditional African tourist map with a seamlessly planned tour of the West-Central region. We work with local African communities in every destination for the long-term benefit of these communities. Tour groups can rest assured that their presence will support the local economies of the regions visited.

Who We Are

Our company has intimate knowledge of the areas we offer and a deep respect for indigenous peoples and their cultures. We are very familiar with our natural history, including the wildlife parks and coastlines.


Our company follows a stringent set of ethical principles in order to protect the pristine environments we enter, and to respect and promote the livelihoods of the indigenous peoples who live there.


Our tours are tailor-made to meet your needs. We go the extra mile to ensure that your trip is as comfortable as possible with regards to logistical details. We strive to make your adventure pleasurable and unforgettable.

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