A mixture of abundant wildlife, spectacular topography, varied cultures, and political stability makes Cameroon the number one place to visit in sub-Saharan Africa.

Cameroon is the most stable and diverse country in West Central Africa and is thus rightly portrayed ‘Africa in Miniature’. Here you find every bit of what Africa has to offer to the world, be it wildlife, landscape, topography, culture, people and even football.

Cameroon is distinguished by a variety of landscapes, beautiful beaches, such as on the island of Manoka, mountain ranges forged by volcanic activity, desert plains and high plateaus. The Trinational de la Sangha and the Dja Wildlife Reserves, two UNESCO World Heritage sites, reveal the country’s biodiversity.

The beauty of Cameroon can be found everywhere in the dramatic and contrasting landscape as well as the friendly and outgoing people who live in this country. The terrain here is as varied as the language with over 230 local languages complementing the English and French speaking regions.

High mountain ranges score a path down the West of the country, making way for the sweeping coastlines and beaches that circumnavigate the coastal south.

Lush, fertile plantations give way to mountain chains, savannah and rainforests which are gateways to a variety of wildlife including the rare Cross River Gorilla and big mammals.
Cameroon is attractive for every type of traveller in both seasons – dry season (Nov – Mar), rainy season (April – Oct) with year round temperature variation between 20 – 25°C.



Natural history: – Great safari destination:

  • Western Lowland Gorilla Safari in Campo Ma’an NP and Lobeke where you also get a close encounter with African Forest Elephants, Bongo, Sitatunga and other antelopes, Buffalo, Chimps, Leopard and a wide species of birds.
  • Game drive in six NP in the northern part, of which Benoué NP, Faro NP, Kalamaloue NP, Waza and Bouba Ndjida PK’s are habitat for Lions, Savannah Elephants, Giraffe, Gazelles, Derby Eland, Kobs, Baboun, and big birds like Ostrich and Eagle.
  • Cross River Gorilla Safari in the Takamande NP
  • Elephant safari in the Mt Cameoon NP
  • Botanic and scientific research in the Korup NP
  • Safari Hunting in Lobeke and Faro Parks
  • Fishing Safari on the Sanaga River around the locality of Yoyo.


  • Forest expedition to the Baka Pygmies in the Dja Reserve and the Eastern Region and the Bakola in the Southern part of the country.
  • The Western Highlands, home to the Semi Bantu Tikar people of which the Bamileke & the Bamoun are world-famous for their bravery and skill as warriors, farmers, artisans, metal-workers and business people.
  • The Bantu tribes of the southern region.
  • The Sudanese-Sahel people of the Grant North including the Massa, Mousgoum, Toupouri and the Bororo just to name few.
  • The Yaounde National Museum – The Douala Maritime Museum


  • Douala & Yaoundé city tours, testifying the marks of colonial era in the Country.
  • Vibrant and colourful markets in Douala, Yaoundé and all over the ten regions and villages
  • Nature trek to a wide selection of spectacular waterfalls including the Ekom Nkam Falls, the Metche Falls in the West, and the Lobe Falls in the coastal town of Kribi
  • Mountain trekking in Mt Cameroon, Mt Manengouba, Mt Kupe, Mt Alantika and much more.
  • Excursion to vast tropical plantations of Palm oil, Banana, Pineapple, Coffee, Cotton, pepper, Tea and Cocoa.