The Central African Republic: Africa’s most successful ecotourism effort – Dzanga Sangha National Park – upholding world standards in wildlife conservation.

If you have ever dreamed of experiencing the real Africa and the rainforest in its most primitive form, a place where you can have a thrilling yet intimate encounter with the Western Lowland Gorilla, Forest Elephants, the rare Bongo & Sitatunga, myriad of avian life and a real immersion in the mystic world of the Aka Pygmies, a world completely lost in time, then The Rep. of Central Africa is that unique African niche.

From Dzanga Sangha Ecological Park, in the south-west of the country, to Boali Falls, a town about 100 kilometers from the capital Bangui la Coquette by taking the West Road, the Central African Republic can count on assets that remain intact.

The outstanding highlight of Central African Republic is undoubtedly the Dzanga Sangha National Park that gathers all the aforementioned highlights in one remarkable juxtaposition, right here in the Bayanga village in the most Southern tip of the country. Its relative seclusion has allowed one of the most successful conservation works in the Congo Basin to take place, making it the number one eco-tourism destination in West Central Africa. Be it by road, water or air charter, the Sangha National park is open for you. We’re just waiting for your call.

Untamed and far-flung, its remoteness has enabled it to be the privileged habitats for Congo Basin endangered species.




  • The Western Lowland Gorilla trekking in Dzanga Ndki NP
  • The African Forest Elephants in the observation platform in Dzanga Baï
  • Dwarf Buffalo
  • Blue Duiker – Bongo – Sitatunga
  • Birding: African Grey Parrot, Grey Heron, Hartlaub Duck, Sandpiper, Turako ect…
  • Pangolin, snake & crocodile


  • Pirogue ride on the Sangha River
  • Forest Walk (including night walk in quest of nocturnal birds and mammals)
  • Bayanga village walk



  • Net Hunting with the Bayaka Pygmies
  • Cultural experience of the Pygmies including hut building, forest expedition
  • Medicinal plants of the Pygmies
  • Pygmy traditional dance.