This far-away desert civilisation is a must-see for millennial adventurers. Chad is a land-locked country, with Ndjamena at its hub, Chad is a landlocked country with the sprawling Sahara desert in the north. In 2009 Chad was named the capital of the Islamic culture. This unique country boasts some of the most amazing natural history in the world, including the Zakouma National Park in the South, with its myriad of birdlife, Elephants, Giraffe, Lion, Hippos and others. The Tibesti and the Ennedi regions possess astonishingly beautiful engraved stones and spectacular rugged peaks. This is a civilization which, even in this new millennium, remains animated by old traditions and cultures, including the Sao and the Choa Arab peoples.

Chad is one of the largest countries in Central Africa. Its territory is divided between the Saharan region in the north, the Sahel in the centre and the Sudanese savannas in the south.
The Tibesti Desert occupies the northern third of Chad. The desert conceals paintings and rock engravings that bear witness to Chad’s ancient past. This country is a ‘cradle of humanity’ a place where the remains of Abel and Toumaï have been unearthed.

Chad is a place for intrepid adventurers who enjoy outback travels and going off the beaten track. With our intimate knowledge of the region, we can arrange a seamless tour for you here.


Wildlife & Nature:

  • Safari in the Zakouma National Park with chances to spot 4 of the Big 5 and other animals like Lion, Elephant, Giraffe, Antelopes, Wildebeest and a wide range of bird
  • Tracking the Manatee and a wide range of Lake Fish on the on a pirogue ride on Lake Léré
  • Pirogue ride on the Ounianga Lakes with chances to catch glimpse of Hippos, Caymans, Python or Cobra

Culture & Tradition:

  • The Festival of the desert in Fada (February) including Camel race, marathon, chants and dances and traditional music
  • Ndjamena is the historical, economic and cultural capital of Chad. A city tour includes the visit of the Charles De Gaulle Ave, the Grand Marché, the Fayçal Mosque, the National museum
  • Cultural visit to the nomadic tribe of Toubous in the Sahara

Adventure & Trekking:

  • Visit and trekking to the authentic desert of Tibesti
  • Trekking to the summit of Emi Koussi in the Sahara desert
  • Camel-back stroll in the Ennedi plateau in the Sahara with spectacular view of canyons, ridges and a whole lot of oases.
  • The impressive, splendid and spectacular falls of Gauthiot in the Mayo Kebi.