Lovers of castles & fortresses, Ghana is for you! If you are fond of culture, nature and history, you will love discovering the Kente fabric, the Ashanti Kingdom, and the Elephant, Leopard, Antelopes, monkeys and birds of the forest and savannah.  There is also the opportunity to engage in  lake and seawater activities.

Ghana is a fascinating cultural destination containing a wide selection of historical sites marking the proslavery movement in Africa. The country’s architecture reflects its tragic history, namely the European fortresses that used to serve as a headquarters for the slave trade.  Today these fortresses are the backbone of ‘Memorial Tourism’ that enables thousands of visitors a year to gain a good understanding of how the triangular trade worked. You’ll have to write your own story of this ancient African slave trade hub, ironically best known today for its soccer team rather than being the first sub-Saharan country to gain independence in 1957.

In the south of Ghana, forts erected by European colonists in the 15th century border the Ghanaian coast. In a more modern style, the Akosombo dam, built at the instigation of N’Krumah, also changed the landscape. Many sunken lands and displaced populations are among the notable consequences of this construction.

In northern Ghana, the landscape has not suffered as much from the hardships of construction. The savannah stretches as far as the eye can see towards its Sahelian neighbour, Burkina Faso.

The country is rich with famous ancestral traditions, as exemplified in the Ashanti Kingdom and numerous other festivals and rituals all through the year.

Ghana is also world-renowned for its gold, handicrafts, beads, Kente fabric and lively markets such as the Kumassi market, which is the West African biggest market. 

 Its rich flora ranges from the savannah in the north and tropical vegetation in the south, making it a fantastic wildlife destination as well.



Natural history:

  • Safari in the Shai Hills Reserve, and the Mole and Kakum National Parks where you can see the Monkey, Antelope, Buffalo, Elephant and many birds
  • Walk along the canopy walkway in the Kakum National Park
  • Visit the Baburi Botanical Garden
  • See the Lake Volta artificial lake, the largest water-retaining lake in the world


  • Visit the vibrant and colourful Kumassi & Accra markets where you can buy spices, fabrics, cereals, jewels and fresh food.
  • Enjoy the Ashanti Kingdom in Kumassi, where the Ashanti King publicly appears every 42 days
  • Wonder at the fortresses of the coastal region including the St George Fortress of Elmina and the Cape Cost Castle


  • Engage in the City tour including the Accra Mall, the Kwam Nkrumah Memorial and the Bole Mosque in the Northwest
  • Beach walk in Coco, Labadi, Sankofa and Bojo
  • Visit the Kintampo archaeological site
  • Take a pirogue ride on the Volta Lake for a visit to the Akosombo Dam.