A land of contrast between the Sahara Desert and River Niger, be ready to discover vestiges of prehistoric Africa in engravings, paintings, stone mules, and dinosaur cemeteries…

Marked by the Sahara sands in the North, a Sudanese zone at the far southwest – with a broad Sahel strip that stretches across the middle between Niamey to Lake Chad, Niger is the entry door of sub-Saharan Africa. More than half of its territory is covered by desert, while ironically, in the distant past, the country used to be a fertile and peopled land, as revealed in numerous engraved paintings and the splendid drawings from the Aïr massif.

Niger boasts a mosaic of peoples and a variety of landscapes.  It encompasses the enchanting Sahara Desert, the majestic river that gave the country its name, and the W National Park.

The Ténéré, also called the “desert of deserts” spreads its dunes and its immense sandy expanses over nearly 700 km. It is one of the most arid regions of the globe, only dotted with a few oases. There are numerous prehistoric remains: rock paintings, stone mules and dinosaur cemeteries.



 Nature & Wildlife:

  • Safari in the Tri National Park of W where you can spot the Lion, Elephant, Buffalo, Giraffe, Hyena, Jackal, Monkey and various birds.
  • In the Natural Reserve and protected areas of Aïr and Tenere, you can spot the Fennec and other common African wildlife.


  • Zinder’s Labyrinthine City Tour includes a visit to the powerful Sultanate, the colourful and hectic market and the Museum
  • See the ancient Dosso Kingdom and its museum and town square
  • Experience the Haussa Cultural Center in Maradi including the handicraft centre, the chieftaincy and the impressive mosque.


  • Navigate Lake Chad and stop by the numerous fishing villages along the bank of the lake.
  • Niamey City Tour includes stops in The Grand Marché, The National Museum, the botanical garden and the wildlife centre, the Camel race at the Hippodrome and the Grand Mosques of Niamey.
  • Go on a pirogue ride and fishing on the River Niger.
  • At the end of the wet season attend the Festival of the Peulh, the Cure Salée Cattle Festival of the nomadic tribes, and the Wodaabé Dating Festival in Ingall
  • Visit the World Heritage earth-brick great mosque of Agadez in the Tuareg Capital, as well as the camel market and the handicraft centre
  • Trek the Aïr Mountain (1800m) in the Sahara desert
  • Trek in the Igouloulef and Tafadek desert area
  • See the dunes of the Tenere Desert and the engraving site of the Djado Plateau.