Come off the beaten tracks to these beautiful Atlantic islands, where rainforests, birds, monkeys, underwater wonders, volcanic mountains, beaches and warm people await you.

The duo of far-flung islands of Sao Tome and Principe are well situated across the gulf of Guinea in West Central Africa and both form the single island nation.

This tiny Portuguese speaking country, with its less than 200,000 inhabitants is blessed with natural wonders consisting of endless pristine beaches, thick rainforest teeming with birds and monkeys, sky-high volcanic peaks and friendly people.

Marine activities are exceptionally prodigious here, including trekking alongside empty golden or volcanic beaches, snorkelling, big game fishing, scuba diving and much more.

These two islands are a tropical paradise with white sandy beaches bordered by palm trees, crystal clear waters and unexplored jungles. The lush forests and fertile plains are crossed by torrents that then flow into the Atlantic Ocean. Impressive ferns, hundreds of species of orchids and other epiphytic plants flourish in these forests, refuge of clouds of butterflies and birds.

As well as offering an opportunity for rewarding exploration, Sao Tome and Principe are just the ticket if relaxation and spiritual refreshment are needed.