Why travel with Outback Africa?

We take care of your vacation as if it were ours.

Whether it’s a guided tour in a small group or an individual safari in flight, we’ll find the trip that suits you best.
We take time for you and advise you with competence, conviviality and thoroughness. Finally, entrust us with your best moment of the year: your holidays. For us, this is the best confirmation of our work. If you come back with enthusiasm, share your travel experience with us and recommend it.

All Outback Africa safari consultants visit Africa regularly. Whether it’s testing one of our group tours, discovering new accommodations or exploring a new destination. From our own experience, we know the climate, the traffic conditions, the airports and immigration controls, the mentality of people, the classic highlights and many other secrets that we are happy to reveal.

For each Tour, you will receive detailed travel advice. Thanks to our customers’ feedback and our own local experience, these documents are constantly updated, supplemented and improved. We regularly receive very good notes from our clients in preparation for our trip.


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