Culture and History of Bamako and the Mande Region

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Visit Mali and experience its surreal landscapes, the beauty of its art, and its unique earthen mosques that resemble castles. The cliffside pink sandstone villages make Mali one of the most fascinating countries in sub-Saharan Africa, not to mention the images of the desert and the pleasure of being able to say that you have been to Timbuktu.
However, it is important to note that Mali is currently facing challenges due to a severe drought of biblical magnitude which has caused the desert to encroach on the country. This has led to high infant mortality, malnutrition, low literacy, and short life expectancy, making it one of the five poorest countries in the world. 



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The Hill Point G

It first developed on the left bank, on the alluvial terrace of the Niger River, thus finding itself wedged between the latter and Lassa Koulou, Koulouba, Point G and Sokoroni Koulou which form from west to east a series of hills in an arc of a circle which are sandstone formations constituting the last steps of the Monts Mandingues.

Several of Mali’s ethnic

The Empire of Mali was one of those Empires which made the greatness and the pride of the African continent in the Middle Ages. Even today, the griots continue to sing the glory and greatness of some of its leaders. Sundiata Keïta, a character both historical and legendary whose epic remains today one of the great classics of griots, was at the origin of the creation of this Empire of Mali.

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