In this mysterious and arid area of sub-Saharan Africa, go for a memorable camel ride and discover authentic traditional villages, where friendly hosts will welcome and guide you…

A country with abundant wildlife and ancient culture and traditions, Mali boasts exceptional fauna and flora in which nature coexists in harmony with man. Mali offers total escapism in the heart of West Africa for intrepid travellers.

 Mali has genuinely reconciled man and nature. Its various peoples have astutely adapted to the wilderness without altering its essence.  Here you can see charming rustic villages engulfed in either the sandbank or in the wooded savannah. In the village compounds people live in clusters around an inner yard containing the livestock.  

It is impossible to talk about Mali without addressing its nature reserves, which are home to exceptional fauna. Mali has the largest elephant population in Sahel Africa. You can observe more than 750 of them in the Gourma reserve, located around Douentza. The Reserve of Ansongo-Ménaka in the south of the Gao region is home to chacal commun, fennec, chat des sables, gazelle à front roux … To see the largest population of chimpanzees in North Africa head to the Bafing Reserve. Living here are also lions, safe from poachers, as well as derby moose, buffalo and antelope. From the river watch the hippos and, in the ponds of the park, observe superb crocodiles.

In Mali you can also experience villages with picturesque habitats, majestic monuments and very animated markets and festivals.

Wildlife is abundant here too! The country harbours an incredibly dense fauna, boasting the biggest flock of Elephant population in Sub-Saharan Africa, a great number of which (more than 750) you might be able to watch in the Gouma Reserve. In the South of Gao, you will see the Common Jackals, Fennec, Sand Cat, Gazelle etc.…and at the Bafing Reserve, you will have a close encounter with the biggest population of Chimps, Lions, the Derby Eland, Buffalo, Hippos and Crocodiles.

 Amazement is real and daily. Encounters with locals are warm and friendly.




  • Take the Bamako City Tour, including ‘Le Grand Marché’, ‘La Maison des Artisans’, La Grande Mosque,  La Marche de la Medina,  the  Traders Village, the  N’Golonina Market and  the National Museum
  • Listen to the folklore of the Tuareg, Maure, nomad and semi-Nomad people of northern Mali
  • Listen to the folklore of the Bambara, the Malinke, the Soninke, Peuhl, Bozo, Dogon and Songhaï in Southern Mali
  • Visit the Askia Memorial in Gao
  • Experience the Mosque of Djenné (the biggest earth baked mosque in the world)
  • See the prehistoric tombs and engraving rock art in the Boucle du Baoulé National Park


  • Explore the BAMAKO Hills & Caves
  • Take a pirogue ride on the River Niger, with possible stops in towns like Moptin, San and Gao.
  • Be amazed at the Cliff of Bandiagara in the Dogon Kingdom
  • Experience the Timbuktu Empire in the middle of the desert
  • Gaze at the impressive Woroni Waterfall
  • Watch the sunset over the Pink Dune of Koima
  • Climb Mt Hombori and see its archaeological site


  • Safari in the Boucle du Baoulé NP near Bamako, the capital city
  • Go on a Desert Elephant Safari in the Reserve de Douentza in the Gouma region
  • Safari in the Bafing , Kouroufing and Wongo National Parks for views of the Western Chimpanzee


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