Ivory Coast

Ivory Coast’s cultural potential, the relief, the wildlife and the historical buildings captivate even the most indifferent

Between the luxuriant coast of the Gulf of Guinea in the south and the dry savannah In the North, Ivory Coast dwells in between 2 cultures and climates. A country of economic boom thanks to massive exportation of cocoa and coffee since its independence in 1960, Ivory Coast proudly boasts its natural and cultural highlights to the opened world

Ivory Coast boasts more than eight thousand villages inhabited by a wide variety of ethnic groups, rich wildlife, magical landscapes made up of lagoons, hills and vast tropical plantations, amazing beaches, cocoa farms, and more.

Ivory Coast is rich in fauna and flora with impressive diversity. To keep them intact the country has opened many national parks. The largest is Comoé Park, home to many lions, elephants, monkeys, felines… Other species such as buffaloes, buffalo cobs, rhinoceros or giraffes live in the heart of the Abokonamekro National Park.

Asagny National Park will welcome you in a swampy savannah filled with palm trees where elephants, ugly pots, and birds live peacefully together.



  • Safari and forest walk in the Taï NP: Pygmy Hippos, Monkey, Antelopes and Chimps
  • Safari in Comoe NP: Leopard, Monkey, Antelope, Pangolin and Lion
  • Safari in Mt Nimba Strict Nature Reserve: Chimps, Toad, Butterflies
  • Fishing in the numerous Lagoons


  • Vast plantain farms and Cocoa & Coffee plantations in Man in the centre of the country, as well as the impressive waterfall adjacent to the peaks of Tonkoui and Toura considered to be the highest of the country.


  • The Sun-Kissed beaches of Jacqueville next to Abidjan
  • Yamoussoukro city tour including a visit to the world most gigantic Christian church, the Our Lady of Peace Basillica
  • Abidjan city tour including the Cathedral Paul, the teeming streets, the Princess Rd, the market and more.



  • The historical & ancestral city of the Akan people with its highly ornamented chieftaincy
  • The craft centre of Korhogo, its bazaar and mosque.


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