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Nigeria and Benin

Nigeria is where the Niger River, which winds in the western part of the country, flows into the Gulf of Guinea. The Niger Delta is certainly one of...
A breathtaking view of Equatorial Guinea's natural splendor

Equatorial Guinea Adventure

Obviously, it must be admitted that Equatorial Guinea remains a confidential destination far from the classic tourist circuits. Here the nature is...
dzanga sangha road

Dzanga Sangha National Park By Road

Dzanga-Sangha offers many opportunities, which are far from being exhausted, for tourism. Thanks to the inscription as a UNESCO World Heritage...

Zakouma Park & Gaoui Potter Village Tour

Zakouma National Park is located in eastern Chad and is one of the largest animal reserves in Central Africa...

The Baka Pygmies In The Dja Reserve Of Cameroon

The Baka pygmies of Cameroon are certainly one of the oldest peoples of the world’s forests. Their number is estimated at about 40,000 people...
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