Nigeria and Benin's Fascinating Heritage Sites


Nigeria is where the Niger River, which winds in the western part of the country, flows into the Gulf of Guinea. The Niger Delta is certainly one of the most fascinating regions of the country with its succession of inlets of rivers and creeks, bordered by mangroves and palm trees.

Steeped in Nigerian history and culture, Nigeria’s second largest city of Kano in the north, has a rich Hausa architectural heritage. In the southwest, Oshogbo is the cradle of Yoruba art. Its Sacred Forest, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, houses huge sculptures and shrines dedicated to the different Yoruba gods. In this village, during every last week of August, the Oshun festival is marked by dances and sacrificial rites.
The best time to stay in Nigeria is from December to March, between two rainy seasons.



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The Dukawa Tribe

The Dukawa are referred to as a fine race. The men average just under six feet in height and the women have strong healthy physiques from carrying heavy loads on their shoulders. They are intelligent people with a good knowledge of medicine.
The Dukawa have a history of being great fighters; bows and poisoned arrows were their principal weapons. Successful hunters and warriors wore black shirts and bracelets made of the skins their victims. Hunting continues to be an important cultural aspect of Dukawa life. Arrows are sometimes fired out of guns, especially when hunting elephants.

The Cross River National Park

Cross River National Park shares an ecosystem and biodiversity with Korup National Park in neighbouring Cameroon. Together, these African national parks constitute some of the richest biodiversity the world has seen over the years. The park is largely composed of lowland rainforest, swamp and flooded savannah vegetation. The rainforest in this part of Nigeria is considered to be one of the last great coastal rainforests and mangroves in Nigeria. More than 75 mammals are recorded in the park, including forest elephants, chimpanzees, drills, African buffalo, Cross River gorillas, grey-checkered mangabey, red colobus, guenon and 42 species of snakes.

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