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Lowland Gorilla Trekking In Central African Republic

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Mande Mali-1

Bamako and mande area

Visit Mali with its surrealist landscapes, the beauty of its arts, its strange earthen mosques that look like castles.
ghana city tour

Accra to kumasi city tour

Welcome to the English-speaking country most conducive to tourism in the Gulf of Guinea. Ghana has a lot of surprises in store for you.

Taste of Niger

Marked by the sands of the Sahara in the north, a Sudanese zone in the extreme south-west, with, from Niamey to Lake Chad, Niger is the gateway...
lobeke np

Lobeke national park

At Lobéké National Park, a diversity of animals is at the rendezvous. The landscape offers you large trees in which you can listen to the sound of cicadas, birds. Also different species of monkeys and other animals.

Escapade To Cape Verde

Of course, there is Cesária Évora, the woman from the port of Mindelo. She became the «barefoot diva» who, in her warm voice, revealed to the world the beauties of her Atlantic archipelago.
best senegal copie

Senegal Sumptuous Tour

Senegal may not offer the most landscapes in Africa, but it has unforgettable sites that will bring you a total change of scenery. Senegal boasts national parks, like that of the Djoudj, north of Saint-Louis...

Nigeria and Benin Tour

Nigeria is where the Niger River, which winds in the western part of the country, flows into the Gulf of Guinea. The Niger Delta is certainly one of...

Western Of Cameroon

Wonderfully endowed by nature, the western region has often been compared to the Auvergne. It is a region conducive to cultural trips alone or...
gha-0123 copie

Ghana Wildlife & Culture

Immerse yourself in an immersive and authentic journey into the depths of the African slave routes.

The Pristine Archipelago Of Guinea Bissau

It is difficult to find an African destination more unusual than Guinea Bissau as this small territory of West Africa seems to have...

Bangui and Surroundings Tour

Visit the Central African Republic is to taste the flavours of African origins, rich in a great human and natural diversity. From the bottom...

Sao Tome & Principe Islands Tour

The archipelago of Sao Tome and Principe consists of two heavenly islands. They are located between the meridian of Greenwich and the equator.
itu02-1 copie

Kinshasa and Zongo Falls Tour

Lucky are the people who will have the opportunity to contemplate the endemic species of the Democratic Republic of the Congo...
ghana-cover copie

West To South Of Africa Odyssey

Rarely visited, West Africa along with Central Africa, are rich in both wildlife and culture and filled with vast tropical forests seldom touche..
guinea boissau-2

Guinea Bissau Adventure and Culture

Each year in February, Guinea-Bissau puts on its best festive clothes to celebrate its annual carnival. For the occasion, the locals revive their...

Congo Brazzaville Tour

The Republic of Congo stretches along the eponymous river, facing the Democratic Republic of Congo. To go to the Congo is to...
itu02-1 copie

Okapi & Ituri expedition

The Okapi Wildlife Reserve is a UNESCO World Heritage site and one of the largest wildlife conservation areas in the Congo D. Rep.
civ12 copie

Ghana & Ivory Cost Tour

The Achanti tribe of the Akan is the most populated of the country. His craft is famous for his hand-carved stools, dolls and clothes with complex patterns.

Nigeria Ecotourism and Cultural Expedition

Nigeria’s wildlife has suffered from a variety of ills as a result of the country’s expanding population, poaching, resource extraction...
Ghana, Togo, Benin Multi Tour-08

Ghana, Togo, Benin Multi Tour

Ghana is known for its diverse wildlife, ancient forts and secluded beaches, such as Busua. The coastal towns of Elmina and Cape Coast include...
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