Venturing into the Remote and Untouched Ituri Forest


DR Congo is a real tourism scandal that fascinates the driest hearts. Varied and rich range, high-quality tourism, these are the characteristics of our product. Some species, such as Okapi, White Rhinoceros, Congolese Peacock, and Bonobo, are endemic. In their natural state, these species are only found in DR Congo.
Other species have always attracted the curiosity of thousands of tourists: the Giraffe, the Hippopotamus, the Mountain Gorilla. The primates of the genus Bonobo in Ecuador, have a lifestyle and reactions similar to those of humans.
Rare wildlife species are also found in Katanga, in Kudenlungu Park, the last refuge of the cheetah, the fastest animal in the world (120 km/h).
The mangroves of Moanda, in the Kongo-Central, are the preferred habitat of the Lamantin, an aquatic mammal herbivore with a massive body, reaching three meters and weighing up to 450 kg.



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Memorable Moments.

Witnessing the Rare Cultural Dance of the Pygmies

One of the most memorable moments of our journey into the remote Ituri Forest was witnessing the rare cultural dance of the Pygmies. We were lucky enough to be present when the Pygmy tribe performed their traditional dance to celebrate the arrival of a new member into the community. The dance was filled with energy, rhythm, and grace, as the Pygmies moved gracefully to the beat of the drum. The dance was accompanied by the mesmerizing sound of the flute and the deep vocalizations of the tribe. The Pygmies twirled and bounced around the clearing, surrounded by the lush greenery of the forest. It was a truly magical moment that left us in awe and inspired by the rich culture and traditions of the Pygmy tribe.

A Nighttime Campfire with the Pygmies

Another memorable moment from our journey into the Ituri Forest was a nighttime campfire with the Pygmies. We were invited to join the tribe around the campfire and share stories and songs with them. The Pygmies were incredibly welcoming, and we quickly bonded over the warmth of the fire and the laughter of the group. We were also treated to an impromptu performance by the Pygmies, who sang and danced to traditional tribal songs. The campfire was an unforgettable experience that provided us with an intimate and unique glimpse into the lives and culture of the Pygmy tribe.

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