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Discover the Hidden Gems of Dzanga Sangha

The only destination offering a multitude activities including forest elephants and lowland...
Ghana, Togo, Benin Multi Tour-08

Cultural Immersion in Ghana, Togo, and Benin

Ghana is known for its diverse wildlife, ancient forts and secluded beaches, such as Busua. The coastal towns of Elmina and...
lobeke np

Experience the Diversity of Lobeke National Park

At Lobéké National Park, a diversity of animals is at the rendezvous. The landscape offers you large trees in...
civ12 copie

Exploring the Rich Culture of Ghana and Ivory Coast

The Achanti tribe of the Akan is the most populated of the country. His craft is famous for his hand-carved stools...
Akaka forest - 16 copie

Hidden Gems of Lopé And Loango National Park

Discover the wonders of Gabon's wildlife reserves from Loango National Park to Akaka Forest.
ituri people congo

Venturing into the Remote and Untouched Ituri Forest

The Okapi Wildlife Reserve is a UNESCO World Heritage site and one of the largest wildlife conservation areas in the Congo D.R.
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Discover a variety of travel experiences that align with your interests and preferences. From cultural immersion, to conservation and family-friendly adventures, our team of experts will meticulously plan every aspect of your trip to create a truly personalized and inspiring journey.

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We are passionate tour operators. We know the territories we take you to perfectly, and we work in a very friendly way with the local populations to make you see more of the unknown and unexplored sites in a fun, safe and sustainable way.


Our knowledge and expertise set us apart. So too our curiosity. It is this that drives us to create a journey that is really bespoke to you, all the while ensuring we travel and operate sustainably.

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We offer you a fair price for each of our tours, and we donate a part of our income to local support organisations for the sustainable development of the ecology, and school support in the village areas.

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Our expert tour operators are at your disposal at any time according to your needs, from your request for assistance in setting up your tour, to monitoring and guiding you on the tour to your safe return.

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