Discover the
unspoilt beauty
of West-Central Africa.

Rainforest Africa; we bring you here, there and everywhere.

goinG on a trip

Discover remarkable and preserved territories, sometimes unpublished, always off the beaten track; to meet other cultures, observe and photograph wildlife during a private safari...

wondrous destinations

Do you dream of visiting wild and unspoilt regions, deep and lush forests, Pygmies, gorillas, elephants, vegetation, and other flora and fauna? Enter the heart of our destinations and discover deep Africa...

custom-made itinenaries

Go at your own pace for a unique travel experience in West and Central Africa, far from mass tourism. We can offer you travel by plane, taxi or in a private vehicle, with your own driver/private guide, according to your preferences and your budget.

learn more about your next stop

Designing a tailor-made trip requires a strong capacity for listening and analysis to make choices that correspond to your wishes and constraints. With our thorough knowledge of destinations we are able to create a programme which is perfect for your needs.

Our team is made up of highly experienced specialists who are passionate about individual travel and/or adventure (the professional experience of the team is on average over 15 years).

You will be impressed by our high level of competence and professionalism.

"Julius comes to us with more than fifteen years in the tourism sector, specialising in travel in the Central African sub-region. He loves every minute of his work."
Julius Alinze
Senior Travel Agent
"Gemma brings substantial experience in the areas of environmental sustainability and social justice. Her work in the tourism sector is underpinned by sound ecological and humanitarian principles."
gemma sinnott
General Manager
"Georges is an integral part of the Outback Africa Tours family and has recently been promoted to our Projects Development Director due to his passion for the work of our company."
georges mpako
Project Development Director

live your dreams at the heart of nature

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For more information, detailed itineraries and prices relating to your preferred tour choice, please fill in this form to request a personalized quote. Our team will contact you as soon as possible.


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