Culture of Cameroon's Western Highlands


Wonderfully endowed by nature, the western region has often been compared to the Auvergne. It is a region conducive to cultural trips alone or in groups when you visit Cameroon. It is hilly and crossed by beautiful rivers interspersed with waterfalls and waterfalls. The west, a region to discover when you are traveling in Cameroon, presents a series of rounded mountains, legacies of ancient volcanoes. The climate here is temperate, and some localities such as Dschang, Bangou climate stations, have annual average temperatures of 20°C.

Country of traditions and cultures, the region of West Cameroon is characterized by the richness of its handicrafts with many varieties of expression: pipes, utensils in terracotta, figurines and masks in copper, Stool decorated with beads and Bamileke lace with picturesque costumes. Foumban is the seat of the Cameroonian crafts. Generally, the city of Bafoussam is the starting point for your trip to Cameroon, when you decide to go for cultural immersion at the grassfields.



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The Bamileke Chieftaincies

A journey around the ancestral myths of West Cameroon. This tour will allow you to discover the « Cultural Capital » of Cameroon, the Western Region, and the mysteries that surround the Bamileke Chieftaincies and the Bamoun Sultanate. You will certainly have the opportunity to greet the « Fô’o », the king who governs the people and you will be able to contemplate the magnificent landscapes, the mysterious lakes and the waterfalls.

The Bamoun Kingdom

We will discover the history of the Bamoun people. Guided visit to the Royal Museum which traces the history of the sultans through war and power and the history of this magnificent people in its exhibition. If you visit this sumptuous palace on Friday, you will attend the exit of the sultan and his notables for the great Friday prayer. Visit of the handicraft village which is located at 1 km from the city. It is the symbol of the expression of the artistic genius of the Bamoun people.

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