Exploring Ivory Coast traditions and customs


Ivory Coast boasts a rich cultural heritage with its 66 ethnic groups that preserve their customs and traditions. These traditions play a significant role in the daily lives of the people and are celebrated through various festivals and rituals.

Each region has its own unique celebrations, showcasing traditional masks and dances, such as the family celebrations in Atchan and Adjoukrou countries, the festive celebrations, Abissa de Grand Bassam, the Bonoua Carnival Popo, Ebeb (Feast of Wisdom) in the Adjoukrou country, the Yam Festival, Abengourou, and Aboisso. These festivals offer a window into the cultural richness and diversity of Ivory Coast and provide a glimpse into the country’s ancestral traditions.



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Exploration of Baoulé Culture

The Dukawa are referred to as a fine race. The men average just under six feet in height and the women have strong healthy physiques from carrying heavy loads on their shoulders. They are intelligent people with a good knowledge of medicine.
The Dukawa have a history of being great fighters; bows and poisoned arrows were their principal weapons. Successful hunters and warriors wore black shirts and bracelets made of the skins their victims. Hunting continues to be an important cultural aspect of Dukawa life. 

Traditional dance performance and drumming

Participating in a traditional dance performance and drumming workshop in the city of Abidjan. Tourists will have the opportunity to learn about the diverse cultural traditions of the Ivory Coast and immerse themselves in the local music and dance scene. They will also have the chance to interact with local performers and learn more about the significance and meaning behind the dances and drumming.

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