Discover the Beauty of Campo Ma'An National Park


Explore the natural wonders of Campo Ma’an National Park, located on the border of Cameroon and Equatorial Guinea. With over 264,000 hectares of diverse landscapes, this park offers a chance to encounter 80 species of mammals, including forest elephants, leopards and gorillas, as well as 302 species of birds, 122 reptiles and 250 fish.

Take a journey through history and visit the German remains on Dipikar Island and the unique Museum of the Tree, an artistic interpretation of a century-old tree in the heart of the forest. Discover the beauty and biodiversity of Campo Ma’an National Park, managed by the African Model Forest Network (RAFM).



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The Campo Ma’an National Park

Excursions in the park consist of following some of the tracks frequented by large mammals. We will also discover the Menve’ele Falls during our stay. Dinners and nights will be spent in tents or at the Platform on the banks of the Ntem River with a lush landscape and the possibility of paddle boat rides.

The Lobe Falls

Breakfast, relaxation at the beach, pirogue trip on the Lobe River, visit of the Lobe Falls, unique in the world, which flow into the ocean. If you are not afraid of the dugout canoes, you can make a close visit. Shrimp tasting at the edge of the falls, visit of the landing stage and possibility of tasting fresh fish.

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