Explore Gambia's Coastline, Culture, and Wildlife.


The Gambia, also known as « The Smiling Coast of Africa, » is a small yet diverse country located in West Africa. Known for its political stability, friendly people, and rich culture, The Gambia is a popular destination for tourists. Visitors can explore the country’s diverse landscapes, from its beautiful beaches and national parks to its vibrant markets and traditional villages.

The Gambia’s economy is based on agriculture, but tourism and fishing also play important roles. With a tropical climate and a 7-month dry season and 5-month rainy season, visitors can enjoy sunshine and explore the country’s natural beauty throughout the year. Visitors can also experience the rich culture of The Gambia by visiting local museums and art galleries, and discover the country’s diverse wildlife and bird life. The Gambia is truly a melting pot of different cultures and traditions that will leave visitors with an experience of a lifetime.



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Memorable Moments.

Visit to the Kachically Crocodile Pool

On the second day of the trip, you will be taken to the Kachically Crocodile Pool, where you may have the opportunity to see « Charlie », a famous crocodile that was featured in a British television documentary. This is a unique and exciting experience that will allow you to see this legendary creature up close in its natural habitat.

Exploring St. James Island

You will embark on a day trip to St. James Island, which was used as a base during the Atlantic slave trade. This excursion is based on the famous book « ROOTS » written by the African-American author ALEX HALEY. You will have the opportunity to explore the Gambia River and the countryside and visit the places that were featured in the book. This is an excellent opportunity for tourists to immerse themselves in the history and culture of the region and to gain a better understanding of the past.

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