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March in focus



Central African Republic.

The Central African Republic: Africa’s most successful ecotourism effort – Dzanga Sangha National Park – upholding world standards in wildlife conservation…


Equatorial Guinea.

The Bodypainting Festival, is an Equatorial-Guinean art that was born in 2019, in the new amusement park of Malabo. Note that traditional body paints were already used by hunters for camouflage, to escape the vigilance of warned animals. The year 2020 couldn’t happen because of the coronavirus pandemic. It’s the celebration of colours.

Family & Adventure


This far-away desert civilisation is a must-see for millennial adventurers. Chad is a land-locked country, with Ndjamena at its hub, Chad is a landlocked country with the sprawling Sahara desert in the north…


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We are a unique adventure tour compagny, specialising in taking clients into little-known, but spectaculary beautiful locations in West-Central Africa.


Stade Mpindo PK 12
Douala, Cameroon

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